The Benefits of Stone

Rockfon® ceiling tiles and panels offer a unique combination of performance and aesthetics designed and engineered to suit the most exacting specifications.


Sound absorption is a critical component of every room that will be occupied by people. Good acoustics in a building should include sound absorbent ceiling tiles or panels with a high noise reduction co-efficient (NRC).

The non-directional fibre orientation of stone wool and the open surfaces make Rockfon ceilings highly sound absorbent.

Light Reflection & Diffusion

Light reflective ceiling tiles and panels help maximise natural light and reduce energy costs. Rockfon’s bright white, stone wool, acoustic ceiling products offer the right combination of direct versus indirect light, high light reflectance and diffusion, and create a better overall lighting experience.

Fire performance

The safety of building occupants and first-responders is overwhelmingly dependent on how the building performs during a fire. The core material in Rockfon’s ceiling tiles and panels is non-combustible and does not contribute to the development and spread of fire, even when directly exposed to flames. Stone wool’s volcanic origins enable it to withstand extreme temperatures up in excess of 1,000°C.

These are critical characteristics of stone wool that make a positive contribution to the critical time needed to find safety in the event of a fire.

Aesthetics & Design

We understand that day-to-day the most popular requests are for the acoustic ceiling tiles in a square size with a bright white, smooth textured, white finish. These are our go-to products.

When opportunity knocks for that one-of-a-kind space reflective of the occupants’ brand and personal taste however, there are unique products to explore. The Rockfon range can blend multiple systems, materials, finishes, sizes and shapes to arrive at a truly distinctive and innovative ceiling design.

Indoor Environment

Rockfon acoustic ceiling tiles and panels are GREENGUARD GOLD certified for low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Stone wool is inert and therefore naturally resistant to harmful microorganisms and moulds that cause skin infections, pneumonia and other airborne illnesses


Rockfon ceiling products are made of water-repellent stone wool. The product has no nutritional value and therefore provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms such as mould, fungi or bacteria.


Stone wool is a natural product made primarily from the volcanic basalt rock. Basalt is a natural, sustainable raw material, sourced directly from our earth and is nigh on inexhaustible.

Stone wool is produced in a high-tech production process in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Stone wool products are completely recyclable, in most instances many times over.

Humidity & Water Resistance

Stone wool does not absorb or hold moisture. Rockfon ceilings will not sag or lose their shape, even in high humidity environments. They are dimensionally stable and their characteristics are unaltered over time, meaning that the size or performance characteristics will not be affected by changes in temperature and humidity.