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Every space presents its own challenges in terms of acoustics and design. Our acoustic ceiling solutions have strong performance standards and make an important contribution to creating a comfortable indoor environment in all buildings.
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Transforming the education space

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Acoustics, aesthetics, air quality and natural lighting impact the student’s ability to listen, concentrate and ultimately, achieve. These are unique requirements that Rockfon® ceiling tiles can help to deliver in universities, colleges, schools and other learning institutions.

Improving the healing process

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Improved acoustics, better infection control and a heightened visual aesthetic are all factors that impact the vitally important functionality, safety and atmosphere of healthcare facilities. We offer specialist solutions for environments where health and well-being matter most.

Rising to the challenges of modern design

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Modern commercial design must embed the key principles of indoor environment quality. The efficiency, health and overall effectiveness of the occupants is directly impacted by the acoustics, aesthetics and overall sustainability of the space they inhabit.
Public Spaces

Enhancing the hallowed halls of sound

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Specialist venues dedicated to performing, listening and observing the arts must isolate sounds to create the silence sometimes required. Additionally, the space may need to add reverberation to sounds emitted by musical instruments to deliver a louder, richer and fuller-bodied experience. Many famous halls and auditoriums have their own characteristic sound or timbre.

Creating places to practice, play, and relax

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Wet and dry zones in highly trafficked, lifestyle facilities face the challenge of remaining fun and vibrant without sacrificing their design aesthetic. Sound and silence, cleanliness and constant availability are often juxtaposed in these complex design environments.
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